Don’t underestimate what $7 can get you

Would you snag this for $7 at a yard sale? Actually, it was $10- and I talked her down – because at the time I couldn’t get the bottom drawer to even open and there were no knobs. So I brought her home and let her sit in the garage for about a week trying to think of what I wanted to do to make her gorgeous again.

This is a rare vintage piece. I say that, because in the almost 3 years I have been buying furniture I haven’t seen one. It’s an antique sewing box. The bottom drawer actually open and has a sewing chest in it!

As I began to take this piece apart and see if I could get the drawers out- I realized there was something caught in the side of it! and what would that be??!! …

Don’t underestimate what $7 can get you

Yep! The knobs! I kind of have an obsession with lions.. I think they are fantastic… so finding vintage LION knobs was awesome! AND in excellent condition!

Don’t underestimate what $7 can get you

Hours of work later and here is the final result ~

Don’t underestimate what $7 can get you

This piece was finished in General Finishes Antique White milk paint, wax and then distressed. Top is finished in General Finishes Java Gel Stain (my favorite gel stain) and then sealed in a semi satin. **Notice those gorgeous knobs!**

Don’t underestimate what $7 can get you

I put it up for sale (and had several people interested right away) but my husband called me and said “We’re keeping this one!” So, now this $7 yard sale find is a beautiful addition to our living room.

Don’t underestimate what $7 can get you

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