Vintage projects require a special kind of look. The right color, the right amount of wear-and-tear, and a specific design are all factors of your vintage projects and crafts. So, how do you get this timeless vintage look? Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford is a color that can help you accomplish just that.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford: revolutionize your vintage projects

Bedford is the ideal color for your vintage projects. Its pale gray tone is definitely a good choice for antique pieces or even newer projects that you’re interested in giving a vintage look. Combined with a “distressed” design, Bedford brings out the best in your refurbished relics of the past.

Bedford projects to try

Interested in trying this beautiful color? These two dressers (plus a smaller craft!) that got a makeover will inspire you to create a Bedford piece of your own.

Dresser #1

As you can see, Bedford was the perfect choice to preserve this dresser’s vintage look while giving it a much-needed transformation. A dresser like this is always a beautiful part of any room, vintage-themed or otherwise, and Bedford’s neutral tendency leaves plenty of room to use other color tones. If you have a dresser waiting for a new coat of paint, Bedford is a great place to start!

Dresser #2

Chippy, weathered painted dresser

“Chippy” look dresser by Team Sutton Designs under The Driftwood Home

Another wonderful example of how well Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford showcases the vintage style is this dresser. While this dresser isn’t an antique, it certainly pulls off an old-fashioned elegance with a coat of Bedford and some “distressing” done by its owner. Obviously, Bedford is a good choice if you want to “vintage-ize” your project, whether it’s a dresser or a different piece of furniture.

A Bedford tea kettle

Bedford isn’t just for your larger projects; it’s a great color for smaller crafts as well. This vintage tea kettle is a good example of how you can give small antique pieces an upgrade while maintaining their classic charm. The tea kettle that’s been sitting in the back of your closet all these years can finally be a part of your kitchen again!

Color tones to use with Bedford

Feeling like Bedford is a little too plain and needs some extra color? Try out some of these color combinations.

Bright colors to liven up your color scheme

Bedford is a gorgeous neutral, but it’s a little lacking in terms of bringing life into a room. This problem is easily solved; you can liven up a Bedford piece by using a few brighter colors alongside it.

Piles of old vintage luggage bags


Red-orange is a vivid color tone that you won’t want to miss a chance to use with your Bedford projects. Of course, it’s best to use this color moderately to avoid overwhelming Bedford’s paler hue. However, red-orange captures the vintage style almost as well as Bedford, making these two colors an ideal combination for vintage projects.

Deep turquoise

While it’s not quite as lively as red-orange, a dark shade of vibrant turquoise is also a good choice alongside Bedford. You’ll be able to use plenty of this cool blue to change up the color scheme a little bit.

Dark colors for a classic contrast

If you’re into contrast colors but not brighter color tones, dark colors work as well! Here are a few that we love:

Film reels


Bedford and black create a classy combination that’ll always be in style. If you’re painting a teapot like the one we featured above, a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Coal black paint on the handle will look fantastic!

Dark brown

A little bit of brown here and there in a Bedford piece will highlight and contrast it all at once. Additionally, much like a red-orange tone, dark brown adds to the vintage feel of a Bedford project. Try using small amounts of dark brown to begin with, and if you feel like it’s working for you, use as much as you like!

Other neutrals to use with Bedford

Perhaps you’re into the neutral look for your projects. If that’s the case, think about adding some neutrals to your palette instead of contrast colors.

Antique collection of photos

Light gray

Including another gray tone alongside Bedford will create a sort of monochrome color scheme that’ll flatter any room of your home. A little darker than Bedford, pale gray won’t overpower a Bedford project. Instead, the two colors highlight each other in a way that’s just right.


Even though it’s very similar to gray, off-white is a neutral that you shouldn’t overlook as a companion color for Bedford. It’ll bring some light into your project while still staying in the background and letting Bedford shine.

Bedford is a must-have for the vintage collector

Whether you’re a collector of vintage pieces, someone who creates a vintage look from something modern, or just someone who loves crafts, Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford is a must-have for your assortment of paint colors. If you really want to get the best out of Bedford, you should consider using Fusion Mineral Paint Ash alongside it. Together, these two colors create a vintage look that never gets old!

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Sarah Brackenridge


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