Once in a while, it’s fun to choose something a little out of the ordinary. Fusion Mineral Paint Brushed Steel Metallic is a great way to do that, and today we get to show you why.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Brushed Steel Metallic is a great way to change things up

Gray is a beautiful color for so many projects. It fits in with any color scheme or design – modernized themes, classic designs, and seasonal color palettes are just a few examples of where to use gray tones. However, plain gray is too plain for some DIYers, and that’s where Brushed Steel Metallic comes in. The “metallic” part of this paint color is what gives it the extra pop that it needs, as you can see in the projects we’re going to feature. 

See how others use Brushed Steel Metallic

There are so many ways to use this smooth gray tone. For example, its uses range from nightstands and TV trays to kitchen cabinets. Of course, there’s much more you can do with Brushed Steel Metallic. These are just some examples to get you started! 

Sleek metallic nightstand

This sleek nightstand got a big upgrade with Brushed Steel Metallic. You could use a nightstand like this anywhere in your home, though it’ll look especially good next to your bed, of course! Notice that the creator of this piece used a Fusion concealer to prepare the nightstand before applying Brushed Steel Metallic. This helped hide the nightstand’s previous color so its new color is smooth and even. 

Upscaled TV trays

TV trays aren’t known for their elegance, but you can definitely make yours stand out from the crowd with Brushed Steel Metallic. The adorable TV tray design pictured above is fun and cute, mixing style and convenience. This TV tray also got a preparation coat of Fusion’s concealer after an initial treatment with Fusion’s “Ultra Grip,” which helps Fusion paints cling to smooth or glossy surfaces. 

Kitchen cabinets

If you’re ready for a bigger project, Fusion Mineral Paint Brushed Steel Metallic is a great color tone for your kitchen cabinets! In fact, Fusion did an article on how to paint your own kitchen cabinets featuring this color and a few other Fusion products to help out. Obviously, Brushed Steel Metallic is a great way to dress up your kitchen a little! 

Colors to use alongside Brushed Steel Metallic

Looking for some colors to use alongside Brushed Steel Metallic? We’ve got some ideas you might like. 

Sky blue and dark green

These two colors easily match with Brushed Steel Metallic. 

Metallic greenhouse

Sky blue

Gray and sky blue are a great way to bring a natural look into your home. Like a big blue sky and the smooth gray bark of a tree, this combination is a glimpse of a relaxing forest on a sunny day.

Dark green

Dark green completes the natural theme that starts with blue and gray, which means these three colors all go together! Of course, if you’d rather stick with two colors, green and Brushed Steel Metallic create a great combination on their own. Fusion Mineral Paint Park Bench is a good example of a green tone that’ll go with this metallic gray.

Hot pink and darker gray

Whether you need an accent color or a more monochromatic option, one of these has got you covered. 

Hot pink storage doors

Hot pink

Looking to add some color to a Brushed Steel Metallic piece? Hot pink is the way to go. A mix of hot pink and metallic gray is a combination that can be quirky, classy, or cute, depending on the design. It’s versatile and colorful, making it a fun piece for your home! 

Darker gray

Light gray and dark gray always go together, and if you’re into a monochromatic style, this look is for you. For a refined, classy design, try combining darker gray with Brushed Steel Metallic. You really can’t go wrong with this combo!

Brown and mild yellow

Finally, brown and mild yellow are two more colors to add to Brushed Steel Metallic. 

Christmas decor


Just like Brushed Steel Metallic, brown is a neutral tone, which means that the two colors combine very well. While this color combo doesn’t stand out, it’s still a beautiful way to complete a project. Stately and elegant, a piece that’s brown and gray will go with everything and still stay classy!

Mild yellow

Mild yellow isn’t pastel yellow or sunshine yellow – it’s something in between. It’s a cheerful shade of soft yellow that lights up a Brushed Steel Metallic design just right. So, if you’re looking to brighten up your project, yellow is the way to go! 

Brushed Steel Metallic: a gray tone that’s more than just gray

As you can see, Fusion Mineral Paint Brushed Steel Metallic is more than just an everyday gray tone! It’s a perfect way to upgrade your gray projects instantly. Fusion Mineral Paint Little Stork is a gentle lavender that’ll help mellow out a Brushed Steel Metallic project if you’re concerned about too much “metallic.” Whether you enjoy bringing out the metallic tone or feel the need to tone it down, you’ll definitely appreciate this classy gray tone! 

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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