Yellow might not be your first choice for many projects; sometimes, it’s hard to find colors that match with a yellow piece. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that yellow projects aren’t worth your time. Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream will help you bring yellow into your home like never before.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream: a mild yellow for your DIY projects

Imagine a soft yellow flower in a meadow on a spring day. That’s a good way to think about Buttermilk Cream. Its soft, warm tone is pleasant and versatile, bringing a subtle touch of sunshine into even the darkest rooms of a home. So, if your home needs some extra sunshine, look no further than Buttermilk Cream.

Some ways to use Buttermilk Cream for your projects

While this warm yellow is a wonderful color for many different types of projects and crafts, we think it looks especially good on nightstands and dressers alongside a neutral shade. If you’re interested, check out a few examples for some inspiration!

A cute nightstand for your bedroom

This cute nightstand couldn’t be more in-character than it is with a coat of Buttermilk Cream. Pale yellow is an ideal color tone for bringing out the quaint characteristics of a nightstand or small bedside table, so if you’ve got a project like this sitting in your garage waiting for a new look, Buttermilk Cream is definitely a great choice!

A gorgeous dresser

Buttermilk Cream isn’t just a “soft” shade of yellow that creates a cozy look. It easily embodies a classy vibe, if that’s what you prefer for your projects. This dresser is a great example of what Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream can do for your more upscale pieces. To add to the elegance of a Buttermilk Cream dresser, you should consider using a neutral color alongside this mild yellow. As you can see, white is a good highlight color for a Buttermilk Cream piece. It helps establish a more contemporary look, as opposed to the rustic feel of the nightstand we featured earlier.

Another dresser

We can’t get enough of how each different dresser looks so amazing in this color! This dresser is bigger than the last one and looks just as good. It also features Buttermilk Cream and white as its two central color tones. However, this dresser has the opposite makeover of the last one we talked about; its body is Buttermilk Cream, while its drawers are white. This looks just as classy and might even be an improvement, depending on your personal preferences.

What colors should you use with Buttermilk Cream?

Buttermilk Cream looks best when it’s used alongside other colors, so make sure you pick out a few other color tones for Buttermilk Cream projects.

Go neutral or add some color

You’ve got two overarching options with Buttermilk Cream color combinations – keep it neutral, or bring in some bright colors. Which one will you choose?


Off-white works for any situation: it can make a Buttermilk Cream piece look modern, classy, rustic, or vintage. If you’re not sure what color you’d like to use with a Buttermilk Cream project, Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk is a stellar off-white tone that you should definitely consider.

Darker shades of turquoise

For something a little more lively, add a dark turquoise tone to your Buttermilk Cream pieces. Pale yellow and turquoise blue create a sort of upscale rustic look that’s a great way to bring a new style into your home.

Try out some purple tones

Purple is another color that always goes with Buttermilk Cream. More specifically, there are two shades of purple that we think really bring out Buttermilk Cream’s warm beauty.

A medium dark purple tone

While dark purple might overpower Buttermilk Cream’s soft hue, a medium dark purple tone creates an ideal color combination. It brings some moodiness to a Buttermilk Cream project while adding a little color.


Lighter shades of purple are also a good choice as a color combo for Buttermilk Cream. Lilac is one of our favorites. Like turquoise, lilac can give Buttermilk Cream projects a vintage feel or an elegant look, depending on the style that you want!

Yellows and oranges

Finally, using colors that are similar to Buttermilk Cream also creates some gorgeous color combinations.


If you’d like to add some vibrancy but want stick with a mellow color palette, consider adding some gold highlights to a Buttermilk Cream project.

Light orange

Lighter shades of orange are good accent colors for Buttermilk Cream. You won’t have to worry about your project looking “washed out” if you add a little orange!

You can use Buttermilk Cream for any project

Even though Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream might seem like a color you can only use for certain projects, it’s actually versatile enough to cover a whole range of projects and crafts! If you need a neutral to complete your Buttermilk Cream pieces, Fusion Mineral Paint Limestone is a wonderful off-white that can do the job just right. Your favorite crafts will take on a new look with this color combination!

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


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