Ever wanted to paint a piece of furniture entirely in a neutral color? Fusion Mineral Paint Cathedral Taupe is a warm beige tone that’s perfect for this type of project. If you’re looking for a good highlight color instead, Cathedral Taupe is an excellent choice as well.

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A warm foundation color

This mellow medium beige color is a great way to emphasize any style you choose – a rustic farmhouse look, an elaborate upscale environment, or a minimalist room centered around neutral shades. With that said, Cathedral Taupe is definitely a color you’ll want to add to your project palette.

Ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Cathedral Taupe

We’ve put together a list of projects that really display the flexibility and beauty of Cathedral Taupe in a few different ways, so go ahead and check it out! If you’re interested in this color, these projects will give you an idea of how to use it.

Create a television stand

A television stand is typically a fairly central part of your living room. Thus, making it look nice is probably important to you. Consider the television stand painted in Cathedral Taupe pictured above. Obviously, a television stand like this one would be a great addition to many color schemes. In a living room with a lighter theme, it would match well with its surroundings, while a living room with darker color tones would also benefit from the contrast a Cathedral Taupe piece has to offer.

A quaint beverage cart

This project says “vintage,” but also “a touch of class.” With a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Cathedral Taupe, this beverage cart made an impressive transformation from a farmhouse red shade to a much more graceful beige tone. The best part is that we wouldn’t even know it was previously a red beverage cart without the before and after pictures. Obviously, Cathedral Taupe works well when it comes to covering up old colors!

A sign made from scratch

Cathedral Taupe is a great color for smaller crafts as well. This sign is for a country home, but you can change it up to fit with any style you choose. One way or the other, Cathedral Taupe is still an unbeatable option for a small, decorative sign like this one.

Colors to add to this gorgeous neutral

Sometimes Cathedral Taupe needs a little color boost. Check out some colors we think will go great with this neutral beige.

Dark colors for a contrast

If you’re looking to create a contrast with Cathedral Taupe, here are some colors you should consider.

Colored rug

Dark green

Green and beige always go well together, and darker shades of green are an especially good choice to use with Cathedral Taupe. For example, a dresser or nightstand painted in Cathedral Taupe will look gorgeous in a dark green room.


Black and beige together create an incredibly classy look that never gets old. Each one can serve as a highlight color for the other, making this color combination amazingly versatile. For example, Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black is a wonderful addition to a Cathedral Taupe project.

Light colors that bring out the warmth of Cathedral Taupe

To really emphasize the warm beauty of Cathedral Taupe, you should also consider some lighter colors.

Desert under white and grey clouds

Powder blue

This pale blue tone is bright and uplifting alongside Cathedral Taupe, adding some personality to any project that’s solely painted in beige.


White is a contemporary color that’s becoming increasingly popular to achieve an easy modern look. Since white provides this easy elegance, it’s tempting to use it for every project. Unfortunately, too many white pieces can make a room look bland and washed-out. Cathedral Taupe is a perfect solution to this – it’ll retain the contemporary look of a room while adding a little bit of something different to the color scheme.

Put a splash of color in your design

At the end of the day, Cathedral Taupe is still a neutral tone that needs some color added to it sometimes. One of the best ways to do this is through various shades of purple.

Makeup powder and brush and lavender flowers

Light to medium purple

Lighter shades of purple add color to Cathedral Taupe without overwhelming it and would work well for a small project like an end table.

Dark purple

You can’t go wrong with a tasteful combination like dark purple and Cathedral Taupe. Each one brings out the qualities of the other, creating a gorgeous color combo you won’t want to miss out on.

Add Cathedral Taupe to your palette today

Fusion Mineral Paint Cathedral Taupe is a color that’s worth adding to your color palette. If you’re worried about using this neutral alone, consider bringing in Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk as well for a classy creation. Your projects will get a gorgeous upgrade with these colors!

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


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