Fusion’s Metallic collection is an adventure in and of itself. To add to the fun, there are a few limited edition colors that you can only get for so long. Not sure which limited edition color you’re most interested in? Fusion Mineral Paint Champagne Gold Metallic is one of your choices, and believe us when we say you should at least give it a glance before purchasing something else.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Champagne Gold Metallic is a limited edition item you’ll want to snatch up

Once you see this color, you’re definitely going to want it. Champagne Gold Metallic is a soft, glamorous gold that’s perfect for vintage or modern projects, from classy furniture to decorative accent pieces. Gold is such a versatile color in general, and Champagne Gold Metallic is even better: its subtle shine adapts to many color tones and decor styles, as you’ll see. 

Take a look at some Champagne Gold Metallic projects

To showcase Champagne Gold Metallic’s potential for projects and crafts, we’re going to take a look at some pieces painted in this gorgeous color. 

Small wood blocks in Champagne Gold Metallic

This small wooden block is a good example of what Fusion Mineral Paint Champagne Gold Metallic looks like. In fact, we can imagine cute little coasters in this stylish color after a look at this example! As you can see, the golden gleam of Champagne Gold Metallic is a fun and elegant addition to your existing color scheme, whatever it may be. 

Projects with Fusion’s limited edition Metallics

What’s better than one Fusion Metallic paint color? Several Metallic paint colors together! This gorgeous vanity features several limited edition Fusion Metallics: Rose Gold at the top, Champagne Gold in the middle, and Vintage Gold at the bottom. The whole vanity is a slow, beautifully blended transition from one color to the next that we just can’t help but fall in love with – and maybe you will too. 

How to use Fusion Metallic paints

Of course, there are some things you need to know if you’re planning to use Fusion Metallic paints. For example, cleaning your pieces before painting them is always a good idea. Using a primer like Fusion’s Ultra Grip is another way to get the best out of your Metallic projects. After that, you’ll have to decide how you want to apply your Metallic paint. Fortunately, there’s plenty of ideas out there on how to use Fusion’s Metallics.

What colors should you use with Champagne Gold Metallic?

Think big, because there are plenty of colors that go with Champagne Gold Metallic! You’re definitely going to want to try some of them. 

Teal & silver

This image shows off some of the natural glow of Champagne Gold Metallic alongside teal and a little bit of silver. Talk about a beautiful color combo! This one is hard to beat.

Golden wave colors


Looking for a way to introduce some color to a Champagne Gold Metallic piece? A deep shade of teal is an excellent to do so. Teal and gold create a classy combination while bringing a little fun into your project. 


Is there possibly a better color to use alongside gold than silver? Maybe, but no other color combination is quite as classic as silver and gold. It gets even better when you use a metallic silver next to Champagne Gold Metallic – for example, Fusion Mineral Paint Brushed Steel. This combo is trendy, fun, and elegant, and it’ll leave you wanting to create more projects with these two colors.

Green & white 

Instead of a splash of color, green and white are two subtle but gorgeous highlight colors for Champagne Gold Metallic. 

Bouquet of flowers


A medium green tone in a Champagne Gold Metallic project will give your piece a more natural look, but you don’t want to choose a green tone that’s too forthcoming. In other words, you don’t want to go too dark or too light when you select a green color. Look at nature for inspiration – think summer sun shining on the trees – and you should be fine. 


White goes with everything, and just like it does with other colors, it makes Champagne Gold Metallic look even more elegant than it already is. You can use as much white as you want with Champagne Gold Metallic, and it’ll still look good, which means it’s a great choice if you’re nervous about a first-time gold project. 

Charcoal gray & deep purple

These two colors are great way to create a distinct mood with your Champagne Gold Metallic pieces. 

Healthy tray of food

Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray and gold put together evoke a raw beauty that’s both impressive and compelling. It’s the kind of beauty that does more than just exist; it also inspires. Try this combo out with your projects and crafts – it won’t disappoint! 

Deep purple

Together, deep purple and gold bring royalty to mind. Regal and powerful, these two colors provide a luxurious combination that you won’t be able to help but enjoy. 

Champagne Gold Metallic: the color that goes with everything but still stands out

Fusion Mineral Paint Champagne Gold Metallic is a unique color for a couple of reasons: it goes with everything, but it still stands out! If you ask us, that’s a great way to explore new color combinations in your home. More importantly, make the most of your new color by adding other color tones! Fusion Mineral Paint Teal Blue is a fun way to add to your color combos once they include a brand-new shade of gold. However, you can use whatever colors you want, so go all out and have fun! 

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