Fusion Mineral Paint Cranberry is definitely one of the colors you need in your home decor. What does Fusion’s Cranberry bring to the table? Explore the possibilities to see what you think.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Cranberry: The red tone that isn’t too dark or too bright

Cranberry is one of those perfect red shades that isn’t too dark but isn’t too bright either. It’s right in between the two, providing a pleasant red tone that’s easy to use for your projects and crafts. Some people choose to paint vintage pieces with Cranberry, while others enjoy modernizing their projects with this color. It’s helpful to look at both of these perspectives to decide how to use Cranberry in your home.

A few examples of Fusion’s Cranberry

Cranberry is a very popular color for furniture projects, like the side table, washstand, and holiday decor that we’re taking a look at here. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to use Cranberry, but these pieces are definitely a great way to start.

Side table

This gorgeous side table is a good addition to any home design, but it especially reminds us of a project made just for Christmas: its cozy red tone embodies the feel of holiday decor. Of course, Christmas isn’t the only time for this type of project. As you can see, the side table we’ve featured is in a vintage setting, and we think it looks fabulous! Clearly, there are so many ways to introduce Cranberry into your home design.

Holiday decorations

These cute little Christmas signs are a good example of what happens when Cranberry and the holidays meet! The red sign has a coat of Cranberry mixed with Fusion’s Fort York Red. Together, these two Fusion colors create the perfect seasonal look.

Washstand in Cranberry

Cranberry is a common choice for vintage projects like this washstand. It looks as good as new after a coat of Cranberry while still holding on to its vintage feel. This makes Cranberry a good candidate for a home that’s both retro and upscale.

Colors to use with Cranberry

Like any other color, this mild burgundy tone looks best when it’s used with other color tones. Some of our top favorites might be yours, too – who knows? Let’s explore the colors that look amazing alongside Fusion Mineral Paint Cranberry.

Icy blue and deep gray

These beautiful colors are lighter than Cranberry’s dark burgundy tone, but are still moody enough to add to its introspective quality.

Cranberry and blueish grey plant

Icy blue

A light, ice-blue color that’s just a little bit green will keep any Cranberry project from looking dull. While Cranberry is great on its own, blue helps spice it up a little and really brings out the subtle intensity of this stunning Fusion color.

Dark gray

Cranberry and dark gray make a classy combination that never gets old. If you’re looking to make your projects look a little bit high-end, this color combo is definitely something to consider. Fusion Mineral Paint Soapstone, a thoughtful gray tone, is a great way to achieve this look!

White and light brown

They might seem colorless or boring, but these two neutral tones pair well with Fusion’s Cranberry.

A bowl of yogurt with walnuts and cranberries


White adds so much to a Cranberry palette. This refreshing neutral can make a Cranberry project into a vintage, modern-day, or just plain classy piece in a heartbeat. Refreshing and beautiful, white lightens up a Cranberry project right away.

Light brown

Loving the look of plain wood and Cranberry together? Types of wood with a light brown stain or finish are an ideal way to blend Cranberry with unpainted wooden accents. Or, if you’d rather stick with painted surfaces, find a color with a natural wooden tone. You’ll definitely fall in love with this color combination.

Dark green and black

Would you believe us if we told you there are even more colors to go with this brilliant red? Check it out!

A bush of roses

Dark green

Remember what we said earlier about Cranberry looking great around Christmas? A dark green and Cranberry project will really bring this look together for your holiday season, and it also gives you a fun Christmas activity.


Who knew so many neutral colors would go with Cranberry? Black is an intense contrast for Cranberry and brings out its vibrancy in a way no other color can. Like white, a black-and-Cranberry piece can be festive, vintage, modern, or any other style.

Go all out with Cranberry

Don’t hold back on your Fusion Mineral Paint Cranberry projects just because they’re red. Cranberry is mild enough to keep from overwhelming the rest of your color scheme, so go all out and have fun with it! If you’re still worried about overpowering your other decor with this bright color, Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence can tone it down a little bit so it’ll fit right in with the rest of your home. Then you can paint away to your heart’s content!

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