Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue is a color you need to add to your collection today. Why are we so sure you’ll enjoy Fusion’s Homestead Blue? Check out what we think about this awesome paint color. Hopefully, like we did, you’ll fall in love right away.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue is a bold but gentle blue tone

Homestead Blue is everything you need in a blue color tone – it’s bold enough for an accent piece but still moderate enough for a larger project like a piece of furniture. It’s classic and elegant all at once. This beautiful teal tone is a great way to change up your usual color schemes a little bit.

How will you use Homestead Blue in your home?

Homestead Blue has a different place in everyone’s home. Some prefer to use it for smaller projects like throw pillows, while others enjoy using it for pieces of furniture. How will you use it in your home?

Homestead Blue dresser and nightstand: a perfect pair


These two pieces are looking suave with a coat of Homestead Blue. Whether they’re kept together or placed in different rooms, this nightstand and dresser make a beautiful pair. Both can brighten up a dull room or add to a cheerful one. No matter what style you’ve chosen for your home, these Homestead Blue pieces will definitely fit in somewhere!

An adorable pillow

Furniture projects aren’t the only ways to use Fusion paint colors; smaller crafts are a great place to try out Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue as well. For example, this cute throw pillow features a Homestead Blue design that’s too adorable to pass over. It’s a perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor decor!

Colorful coffee table

Most coffee tables are intentionally painted in a neutral color. If you’d like to change your color scheme up a little, try giving your coffee table a coat of Homestead Blue! As you can see, this wonderful color will light up your living room and bring in some color.

What colors would you enjoy using with Homestead Blue?

There are so many colors that go well with Homestead Blue, but these are some of the color combinations that we loved the most!

Black and brown

Sometimes, this bright blue color needs some darker colors to tone its brilliance down a little. These two colors are an ideal way to do that.


Bringing some black into the picture is a great way to dress up a Homestead Blue piece. Whether you decide to use black paint in combination with Homestead Blue or use other decor items to accomplish a contrast, you can’t go wrong with black.


If you’re looking for a more rustic look, brown is the way to go. Brown and Homestead Blue create a “countryside” look that’s very attractive.

Lighter color tones

Lighter colors are also easy to use with Homestead Blue. To be more specific, we’ve picked out a few that we really enjoy.


White is another color that provides a contemporary style alongside Homestead Blue. While too much white might make a Homestead Blue project feel “washed-out,” a moderate amount of white is always a tasteful addition.

Metallic gray

A metallic gray shade always adds to the vintage style of a Homestead Blue piece – or it can make your project look more up-to-date, if that’s the look you’re going for! Either way, Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb is a great way to capture this gray color tone and use it next to Homestead Blue.

Put some color into your project

If your Homestead Blue project isn’t quite colorful enough, put more color into it with some brilliant orange and purple tones.


A medium orange shade adds just enough brightness to a Homestead Blue project without overwhelming its modest teal shade. Draw your inspiration from a colorful sunset to choose an ideal shade of orange for your project!

Light purple

Dark purple hues can look a little gaudy next to Homestead Blue, but lighter shades of purple are a perfect match for this bright blue tone. A soft lilac purple is a great place to start.

Homestead Blue is a great way to bring blue into your home

Even if you already have plenty of blue projects in your home, a Fusion Mineral Paint Homestead Blue piece is definitely worth adding to your collection! Or, if you’re convinced you have plenty of blue decor, try Fusion Mineral Paint Bayberry, a refreshing green that you’re sure to love. One way or another, your Fusion projects have so much to bring to your home decor.

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Sarah Brackenridge


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