If you haven’t met Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond, that’s OK. It’s the paint we’ve chosen to highlight today and let’s just say this: it won’t disappoint. 

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There’s something invigorating about a calming paint color. Lily Pond carries that calm spirit with it, regardless of the bit of furniture you chose to re-do with this hue of green.

Imagine yourself taking a quaint stroll through a park. As you’re walking you hear the soothing sounds of crickets and frogs with their unique chirps. You look around as you walk and there’s grass. There’s a pond. And there you have some inviting benches. You sit down, you breath in and out. You relax.

That’s the imagery we believe this color invokes upon the mind of any individual — the idea of peace and quiet. Your furniture should contribute to the safe space and haven that your home should be to you and your loved ones. 

A soothing color for your next project

You can thank the Fusion Mineral Michael Penney Collection for this calming color. Fusion Mineral Paint Lilly Pond was crafted by a person who truly gets style. Michael Penney knows what it means to make a home beautiful. 

He’s spent his time working as a designer for Sarah Richardson Design. He’s also the former editor of House & Home Magazine and Style at Home Magazine. 

As can be understood, color is not a foreign language to Penney. 

In Lily Pond, Penney has brought about a color that brings a soothing pop of green to any project and home. Don’t be afraid to embrace it and integrate it into your next repurposed bit of furniture. 

Different ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond

You’ll love the results that come with Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond. But don’t take our word for it! See what other designers are up to with their do it yourself projects. We think you’ll be enamored with the before and after pictures displayed 

Vintage plant stand

Over at Home Talk, the blogger took a battered old step ladder and breathed new life into it. She found the ladder at a flea market and knew it was made for greater things. For this ladder, the blogger required two coats of Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond. After the paint dried, she set to work on distressing the ladder to give it that extra boost of vintage style. 

Lily Pond dresser

Now let’s hop on over to the Q is for Quandie blog. At an estate sale, this blogger found a wooden dresser. The dresser was up for bid and she won it! After sanding it down, she gave it a new look thanks to a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond. She also distressed it to give it a shabby chic vibe. 

Repurposed hutch

Here’s a repurposed hutch we thought was worth visiting. This dark hutch was given a whole new light with Lily Pond. She finished off the project with a layer of Fusion Beeswax Finish to add a bit of a satin luster to the hutch’s paint job. To add to the look, the knobs on the hutch were changed to glass knobs. 

Color palettes using Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond

Now it’s time for our favorite part — color palette inspiration! Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond is a killer color. We love its potential and we hope you can see why in the subsequent palette options.

As you’ll soon see, this color vibes well with warm neutrals and blues.

A walk through the forest

For a bit of forest love, here we see different shades of green contributing to the overall look. Bring in some dark blue-purple hues and neutrals to complete the forest inspiration. It’s a winner.

Juniper breeze plants

Avocado for the win

To embrace a more light-hearted palette, check out this color scheme. The yellow and green make a great contrast team. Bring in some earthy browns for a bit of an accent color.

For a Fusion Mineral yellow that pairs well with Lily Pond, see if Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream speaks to you and the style you’re going for. 

Avocado split in half

Lily pond hues

And of course what’s Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond without inspiration from a scenic pond setting? A bit of blushing pink and some off whites and dark blue-black colors add to the overall look. 

Lily flower in the pond

Kick back and relax with Lily Pond

If you’re talking calm and complementary, you’ll find it in Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond. But that’s not the only option. Check out some of the other Fusion Mineral paint offerings.

For a lighter green that favors a bit of blue, try Fusion Mineral Paint Laurentian.

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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