There’s something sweet about this blushing paint we’re showcasing today. Meet Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy. If you’re not into dreamy, soft paint colors, don’t close that tab just yet.

Give it a chance and you might be surprised at what Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy could do for you.

If you have a little one, Fusion Mineral Little Piggy could be an uncontested paint option for the nursery. 

The delectable, vintage-like softness would bring comfort and light airiness to any home. It’s all the good vibes of safety and newness wrapped into one paint can.

This little piggy went to paint

Now let’s discuss the merits of Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy. It’s not any old paint. No way! It comes from the Fusion Mineral Tones for Tots line.

This line of paint was developed with your little one in mind.

Here’s where Tones for Tots keeps your baby at the forefront:

  • First of all, the makers behind this paint line went out of their way to ensure this paint was created with baby’s safety and sensitivities in mind. After many years of effort, Fusion Mineral developed a paint that had zero VOC and was non-toxic. This makes Little Piggy environmentally friendly and safe for your family. 
  • Second, Little Piggy is durable. Fusion crafted a paint line that was baby-friendly without sacrificing durability. 
  • Third, Little Piggy is easy to use. Fusion Mineral is known for its easy to use paint mixture. The paint brushes well and smoothly onto the surface of your furniture. In many cases, all you’ll need is one coat of paint to get the job done. No top coat is required for Fusion paints.

Different ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy

For ideas on how Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy could make your little one’s world better, we’re going to showcase some projects. These bloggers tried their hand at Little Piggy with stellar results. We think you’ll be as pleased as they are in seeing the before and after images!

Pretty pink cupboard makeover

In this project, you’ll see how someone picked up a dresser at a bargain for their kids. She went all out and added some Efex appliques to give the furniture piece a fancier edge. The dull wood finish took on a new life of its own when it came in contact with Fusion Mineral Little Piggy.

The sweet blush pink on the outside of this piece paired well with Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb taking the spotlight on the inside of the cabinet.

Cane lounge chair

Look at this transformation! This cane lounger’s chair went from drab to fab in a flash with Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy.

While the blogger found that painting a cane lounge chair was no walk in the park (it required more paint and a throwaway brush to get the job done), her efforts were well-rewarded.

Chest of drawers

Over at Lost and Found Decor, this blogger brought new life to an old chest of drawers. It went from an orange-y wood finish to a blissful vintage blush. Perfect for a little girls’ room.

Color palettes using Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy

If you’re intrigued by Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy, you’ll love these color palettes we’ve curated. They’re classy and vintage-y in taste. We’re in love.

Dainty piglets

For a unique flair, you can pair pink with a light neutral color. Add some peach into the mix and you’ve got yourself a sherbert-y whimsy feel. What can go wrong with such a cheery palette at play?

Bowl of orange candies

Blushing roses

To bring an extra bit of elegance to the table, bring in some green. It compliments the blush pink. And green is a sign of new life — what’s not to love? It’s a good color for the nursery.

Blush pink roses

Childlike wonder

Now, look at this hint of blush pink with neutrals taking the spotlight. You don’t have to always think of neutrals in terms of complimentary colors. 

Consider switching things up a bit and making the neutral colors take center stage. Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy doesn’t have to be the center of attention to shine.

Plush stuffed teddy bears

Pigs can’t fly, but Little Piggy is nonetheless dreamy

As you consider ways to incorporate Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy into your home, don’t forget to dream big. And don’t forget that sometimes the biggest dreams are subtle — like this blushing pink. 

If you like this color for tiny tots, you may like Fusion Mineral Paint Little Speckled Frog: Fairy Tale Mint Green.

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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