Are you in the market for a paint color that you can use for your kids’ projects? Look no further than Fusion Mineral Paint Little Speckled Frog.

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A color for your nursery: Fusion Mineral Paint Little Speckled Frog

Little Speckled Frog is one of the absolute best color tones for projects for your nursery or children’s rooms. It’s a pale mint green that’s gentle enough to go with other mild color tones and create a relaxing color scheme, which is perfect for kids.

Little Speckled Frog projects you can try

These are some inspiring Little Speckled Frog projects that you and your kids will both enjoy. If you’re thinking about trying out this color, these pieces are a great way to start! 

Dresser with a vintage look

Painted in Little Speckled Frog and Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence, this dresser reminds us of a vintage piece for a nursery or children’s room. Take note of how well this simple green blends with many colors, especially neutrals: it’s easy to see that Little Speckled Frog is an effortless way to bring a little color to any theme. Additionally, the green stripe pattern on this dresser looks amazing. What a cute way to dress up a nursery! 

A more modern dresser

As you can see, this dresser has a more modern design, proving that Fusion Mineral Paint Little Speckled Frog isn’t only for vintage-themed projects. Think about how classy your child’s room will look with an elegant dresser like this one! We especially love how well this dresser goes with the painting its owner placed on top of it. Decor items with children’s themes are a match made in heaven with Little Speckled Frog projects. Obviously, you can fit Little Speckled Frog into many color schemes and also use it alongside your favorite decorations! 

Beautiful picture frames

These picture frames are adorable, and we think every nursery should have some just like them. Little Speckled Frog was certainly a good choice and a good way to get away from neutral shades and use a little color. Your little ones will love these cute frames with a coat of Little Speckled Frog. 

Other colors to use with Little Speckled Frog

What are some other colors to use with Little Speckled Frog? Here are some of our favorites. 

White and light brown

These two neutral tones are just the right shade to set off Little Speckled Frog’s delicate beauty without overwhelming it, which makes them good for any project you’ve got in mind. 

A bowl of yogurt with figs


White will never cease to be one of the best colors to use alongside this pale green. Go 50/50 with these two colors to give your projects a balanced, put-together look. 

Light brown

Darker shades of brown are a little too dark, but light brown is another color that helps create a relaxing color scheme for the kids. Use a little bit of light brown here and there in a Little Speckled Frog project to really bring out the beauty of this mint green. 

Pale pink and baby blue

Little Speckled Frog also works alongside more colorful themes. For example, pale pink and a light baby blue both look great alongside Fusion’s take on muted, soft green. 

Street of colorful buildings

Pale pink

Light green and pale pink create a beautiful combination for a baby’s room. You might enjoy decorating a Little Speckled Frog piece with pink flowers or ribbons. 

Baby blue

Of course, baby blue and Little Speckled Frog go together as well, and baby blue is also a perfect color to use in a room for a baby or toddler! Decals, stencil art, and bunting are some fun ways to add baby blue to a Little Speckled Frog piece. 

Hot pink and gray

Whether you want a splash of color or an icy neutral, one of these options is a good choice for you!

Macaroons and a bottle of milk

Hot pink

What a way to bring some color to a mild tone like Little Speckled Frog! Your light green projects will absolutely light up with just a touch of hot pink – or more than a touch, if you like! 


Gray brings a classy elegance to a Little Speckled Frog piece that even white can’t quite replicate. For example, Fusion Mineral Paint Putty is a great way to bring a little gray into your projects and show off your nursery a little bit. 

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Speckled Frog is a good choice for relaxation and beauty

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Speckled Frog provides just the right relaxing atmosphere for you and your kids, but also holds its own as far as beauty and elegance. You can really do anything you want with this color – it’s made for a variety of styles and patterns – but it happens to be an especially good option for children’s rooms. Add Fusion Mineral Paint Little Piggy to your Little Speckled Frog designs to create an ultimate combo for your kids’ rooms! 

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


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