Talk about putting a spring in your step! This yellow delivers. Its perky, yellow hue will make anyone want to wake up in the morning and seize the day. 

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From the Tones for Tots collection at Fusion Mineral, this paint is ideal for the little one in your life. Whether it be used on a wooden crib or a toy chest, this peppy yellow brings just the right amount of color.

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star shines bright on the drabbest furniture piece. For a complete makeover change, you won’t be disappointed. Just follow along and you’ll understand and see what we mean!

Wish upon a little star

There’s something magical about Fusion Mineral’s paint. But there is a logical explanation for it — it’s not reduced to magic. 

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star is made with quality and ease of application in mind. And not only that. Being part of the Tones for Tots collection, Little Star has baby’s safety in mind.

Did you know? The colors within the Tones for Tots collection are inspired by nursery rhymes. Also, the paint itself is zero VOC and carries a built-in topcoat. This means an easy paint project compared to other paints on the market. 

As babies and small children are at risk when in contact with VOCs, Fusion Mineral set out to create a paint line that is free from harmful ingredients such as led and formaldehyde. In fact, the paint itself is practically odorless.

Different ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star

Now that we’ve talked about what makes Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star a winner, let’s look at it in action. Here, we’ve collected some examples of what others are doing with Little Star. We trust these examples will inspire you to tackle that dream project of yours. There’s a world of possibilities when you can paint with a star.

Timber chest

So this timber chest. It carries a dreamy zing to it with its yellow framing and white panels. On the front, the stenciling reads, “love you to the moon and back.” It’s a fitting look for the paint involved. Of course, the sky wallpaper underneath the lid is the icing on top. The motif goes naturally with Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star.

Distressed wooden box

For this wooden box, the blogger wanted to go all out with a distressed look. The faded yellow is rocking. If vintage is what you want, you can go with the right kind of shabby that comes with distressed surfaces. 

Stenciled planter

Here’s a fun idea. This blogger took a terracotta planter and gave it a life of its own with stenciling. After painting it blue with a spray can, stencils were used with Little Star to give the planter a fun ocean motif.

Color palettes using Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star

There’s a myriad of uses available with Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star. To provide you with some examples, we’ve pulled together some color palettes. You’ll love what we have in store for you. It’s time to unlock the color combination possibilities. 

It’s not easy being green (and yellow)

Yellow Leaves on teal background

Here, we have hints of Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star alongside some browns and orangey hues.

The greenish-blue colors complement the yellow as it was meant to be. Actually, it’s all about balance here. And we think the ratio of green to yellow is just right.

Yellow opens a door

Yellow Door

We’re feeling a minimalist vibe here. The neutrals contrast the sunny day yellow with black. The result is a stark, night and day vibe that almost reminds us of a bumblebee.

A berry yellow palette

Lemon Curd Tarts

Say hello to this berry yellow palette. We love what yellow can do with zings of red to play off it. Along with red, bring some warm and light greys into the mix (try Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford). And, voila! You’re looking at a fun color arrangement. Oh, and don’t forget — there’s brown too.

You can wish upon a star

As you consider different ways to put Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star to use in your home decor, don’t overthink it. Relax. Have fun and enjoy changing things up a bit. If you’re intimidated by the bright yellow, keep two things in mind. First of all, there’s no harm in trying something new. Second of all, don’t lock yourself in a box. There are other colors out there that are safe for your little ones.

As an example, there’s Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb.

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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