Fusion Mineral Paint Little Stork is another good choice for a kid’s room. Why does it get such high praise from us? There are so many examples and reasons, but we’ve picked out the best ones so you can decide for yourself! 

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Fusion Mineral Paint Little Stork: A gentle lavender tone for the kids

Little Stork is the gentlest of lavender tones that’s just right for kid-approved projects. Even better, this color works for so many different crafts in a children’s room or nursery – or even in another part of your home, if you want! Hopefully, you’ll get some inspiration from the Little Stork pieces we’re about to share. 

Projects in the perfect lavender that is Little Stork

Turns out, plenty of people love Little Stork. Additionally, they’ve chosen to use it for their projects. Some pieces that stand out to us are a small supply cabinet, a dresser, and a chair. Let’s get into the details of these beautiful crafts! 

Little Stork dresser

We’re already in love with this Little Stork dresser. It features a distressed vintage look that’s absolutely charming in this nursery. Surrounded by white decor items, it’s just the right style for any nursery or child’s room. Additionally, this piece would look great in a home with a vintage theme. 

Small supply cabinet 

This jewelery-box-turned-supply-cabinet is cute as can be with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Little Stork. A great way to store supplies in a nursery or kid-proof room, this little cabinet is also a fun style accessory for any space. Its color and size make it a perfect way to add to a beautiful home interior. 

Lavender chair

This chair painted in Little Stork is just adorable, down to the smallest detail – even the little gray whale on the seat adds to the cuteness of this project! It looks like a wonderful place to sit and watch your little ones play and sleep. Soon, they’ll be big enough to sit in it as well! 

Creating a color scheme

Finding other color tones to use with Little Stork is important too. Here’s how to create a color scheme to go along with this calming shade of lavender. 

Darker colors for a calming effect

Dark colors are also calming, especially if they’re used alongside lighter colors. 

Lavender flowers

Forest green

Forest green is beautiful alongside Little Stork, bringing some calm gravity to the fanciful lavender color. If you still want to show off Little Stork in your nursery, though, we don’t suggest using too much forest green alongside it. Lavender is an easy color to drown out. 


The same goes for black; it looks incredible next to Little Stork and even draws out a little more of its beautiful color. However, using too much of it is a sure way to overwhelm its delicate lavender tone.

Blue and purple

Two more dark tones for your Little Stork projects include navy blue and eggplant purple.

Purple fruits and vegetables

Navy blue

On a rainy day, grab some stencils and Fusion paint and create some art on your lavender nursery pieces! We really like the idea of little navy blue sailboats on a Little Stork project. Fusion Mineral Paint Midnight Blue is a gorgeous navy blue that’ll take your Little Stork pieces to the next level.

Eggplant purple

Even though it’s a darker shade, you can get away with using more eggplant purple alongside Little Stork. That’s because eggplant purple has a red/pink undertone, meaning it’ll complement Little Stork instead of overpowering it. 

Whimsical pastels

If you’re not really into the dark-and-light contrast of dark colors with Little Stork, try out pastel yellow and pink instead. 

Pastel colored speckled chocolate eggs

Pastel yellow

Pale yellow is a beautiful color for a baby’s room and a beautiful color to use with Little Stork. In fact, two-tone lavender and yellow projects are one of the most perfect combos for a nursery.

Pastel pink

Of course, pastel pink is another beloved nursery color. In addition, purple and pink create one of the most well-known and well-loved color combinations of all time. You can’t go wrong with this combo! 

Make your nursery a beautiful, relaxing place with Little Stork

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Stork is just one of many ways to make your nursery more relaxing, but it’s definitely one of the best ways! Combine Little Stork with Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb, a gentle gray, to pinpoint the look you want. Both you and your little ones will enjoy the relaxing environment you’ve created! 

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