Another great color for the kids, Fusion Mineral Paint Little Whale is a color you’ll never regret using. Still not sure about this mild color? Check out some reasons to love Little Whale that might change your mind.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Little Whale: an excellent color for your little ones

Fusion’s Little Whale is a mild gray-blue tone that’s perfect for the kids. Gentle and calming, this moderate color will keep your kids sleeping and playing peacefully, whether they’re in the nursery or in their room. So, how does Little Whale look on different projects and crafts? Here are a few that’ll give you an idea of what to expect. 

Looking flawless with a coat of Little Whale

Plenty of projects look good in Little Whale. Anything from a dresser, to a chair, to an antique bed will get a flawless look with this beautiful Fusion color. 

Little Whale chest of drawers

This graceful chest of drawers is looking its best with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Little Whale. As you can see, the soft blue is a good choice for a room just for youngsters. For one thing, light blue is a traditional baby color that’ll go with other baby colors like pink and yellow. In addition, pale blue shades are a great way to enhance the calming atmosphere in a room and create a laid-back mood – and sometimes, that’s what energetic little kids need! 

Chair in Little Whale blue

How adorable is this chair? We fell in love with its dainty look right away! It looks like a great place to teach your little one to sit upright, and its cuteness just isn’t complete without a coat of Little Whale. Honestly, we don’t think it can get much cuter at this point. This light gray-blue is exactly what it needs.

Antique German sleigh bed

Little Whale is a great color for vintage projects, too. For example, check out the antique German sleigh bed featured above. Little Whale brings out its best qualities easily, changing it from plain to beautiful in no time at all. Even better, this bed doesn’t seem to be for a toddler’s room, but it still looks amazing, meaning that Little Whale isn’t just for nursery furniture. Instead, it makes “grown-up” crafts look stunning as well! 

What colors should you use with Little Whale? 

Little Whale is such a soft, mild color that it might need a little boost from other color tones. But which colors are the best?

White and sunshine yellow

These two light colors go well with Little Whale’s pale tone. 

Storks flying in the air


White goes with almost any pastel color, but it does something special to Little Whale. Together, the two colors look like a clear summer sky or a calm sea. Why wouldn’t you want such beautiful imagery in your nursery? 

Sunshine yellow

If Little Whale leaves your room looking too cold and stark, trying bringing some yellow into your design! Little glimpses of sunny yellow are sure to make any space more lively and cheerful. 

Dark blue and light pink

Pale pink hues and darker shades of blue also work with Little Whale. 

Tranquil colors from the horizon

Dark blue

To bring a little more depth to a Little Whale piece, try some darker shades of blue. Fusion Mineral Paint Liberty Blue, a navy blue tone, will go with Little Whale without drowning it out.

Pale pink 

Pale pink is another popular baby color, and even better, it totally goes with Little Whale! These two color tones are a perfect way to decorate your kids’ rooms or nursery. In fact, we can’t think of too many color combos that are better for a nursery. 

Light green and black

These two beautiful colors also go well with Little Whale.

Green leaves of tree

Light green

Pale green shades bring a touch of the spring season into a Little Whale room. They’re a great way to make your nursery look friendly and even seasonal. 


Ready to make your nursery look more elegant? Use a little bit of black here and there to class up your Little Whale pieces. It’ll still look cute and comfortable while taking on a new elegant look! 

Little Whale is a color that you and your kids will love

Fusion Mineral Paint Little Whale is a color that’s perfect for kids, but it’s a color you’ll love as well. Classy but comfortable, Little Whale is so versatile that it’s hard to beat. Fusion Mineral Paint Little Lamb is another color that any age group will enjoy, meaning that these two shades will work wonders together – and we want you to experience it firsthand! 

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