If you’re looking for some ways to bring bold colors into your home, Fusion Mineral Paint Mustard has got you covered! As you’ll see, there are some very specific ways to include Mustard in your color scheme without overwhelming your other color choices.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Mustard is a color with a personality

Mustard is a bold yellow that will give any project a distinct personality. Its brilliant golden tone is surprisingly easy to combine with other colors, bringing life into a dull room. In fact, some of the pieces we’ve chosen to feature show how well Mustard works with other colors.

Mustard projects you need to see

To fully appreciate Fusion’s Mustard, you need to see what others have created with this stunning color.

Mustard coffee table

Believe it or not, Mustard’s bright color is actually very similar to the color of a typical wood finish. This coffee table is a great example. Even after a coat of Mustard, its color is similar to a bright wood finish. That makes it a great way to bring color into the living room without blaring over the rest of your color scheme.

A beautiful dresser

This dresser is looking sharp with a coat of Mustard and silver pull handles. As you can see, Mustard projects are a great way to get ready for fall – this one looks like the color of the leaves on an autumn day. Even better, it goes well with other fall decor, making it a great option for any part of your home.

Color palette with Mustard

This little color story features several colors from Fusion. Mustard fits right into this cozy, comfortable color scheme, making us think of a warm spring day of indoor relaxation. Again, you can see that Mustard isn’t necessarily a startling color: it fits right in with the warm neutrals highlighted in this story.

Other colors to use with Mustard

Obviously, you can use Mustard alongside a wide range of colors. Here are some of our favorites in case you need some inspiration!

Burlap brown and deep red

Whether you’re choosing a neutral or a contrast color for Mustard, one of these colors will work for you.

Burlap brown

A burlap brown color is an ideal neutral to use alongside Fusion Mineral Paint Mustard. Additionally, it’s one of the easiest color combinations to achieve: you can buy all kinds of furniture that incorporate burlap into their designs. Chairs, lampshades, and sofa chairs are some great examples of burlap furniture you can find online.

Deep red

Deep red tones are especially good contrast colors for Mustard. A good way to use these two colors together is to include an almost equal amount of each color for your projects. For example, a dresser with a Mustard body would look amazing with deep red drawers.

Light blue and gray

Once again, this color palette offers a contrast color and a neutral for your Mustard projects.

Light sea blue

A refreshing light sea-blue tone is an ideal color to use with Mustard. This is the color to use if you want Mustard to be the central theme of your project but still need a color to go with it. It won’t overpower a Mustard piece, but it’s more colorful than a neutral tone.


Gray and Mustard are a unique combination with a lot of potential. Depending on the setting, these two colors can create a vintage look or a modern one. Of course, that depends on what look you want to get out of this combination.

Apricot and beige

These mild color tones are a great way to mellow out a Mustard project a little bit.


The undertone of this mellow orange color is similar to Mustard, but not so similar that the two clash. Rather, Apricot is a great highlight color for a Mustard piece.


Finally, beige is another neutral that goes with Mustard. We think beige is a good color to use in moderation with Mustard: Fusion Mineral Paint Cathedral Taupe, a warm beige for any of your projects, is a great way to put together this color combination.

Bring color into your home with Mustard

In conclusion, Fusion Mineral Paint Mustard is the bold color you can bring into your home without creating a glaring contrast. It’s the compromise between boldness and blending in that most home interiors need. Of course, using such a bright color in your home design can still seem a bit daunting, but lighter colors like Fusion Mineral Paint Champlain can help tone it down a little. So, what will you do with Mustard in your home? Hopefully, your designs will take some inspiration from what we’ve talked about today!

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Sarah Brackenridge


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