Every now and then, projects need a “glow up,” and Fusion Metallics are the perfect way to get that extra shine. Today, we’re going to look at Fusion Mineral Paint Pearl Metallic, because some of your projects-to-be are just waiting for this color!

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Fusion Mineral Paint Pearl Metallic: a Fusion Metallic you can’t do without

If you’re on board to collect all of Fusion’s Metallics, Pearl Metallic is one you don’t want to miss. One of the lightest tones in the metallic collection, this pale cream tone with its subtle gleam is a beautiful way to complete a piece with a soft neutral tone. Sound like something you’d like to try out on your own projects? Take a look at some ideas from other DIYers who used Pearl Metallic and loved the result. 

Inspiring Pearl Metallic projects and a look at the Metallic collection

In addition to two Pearl Metallic projects, we’ll include a look at Fusion’s Metallic collection – because once you’ve tried one of them, chances are you’ll want to try more. Enjoy! 

Tutorial for creating a glossy finish on a dresser 

This dresser was beautiful to begin with – rustic, elegant, and painted in a beautiful white tone. However, the addition of a metallic finish gave it a major facelift – if anything, it looks even more elegant now! The tutorial explains how to create this beautiful effect on your own. 

  • Start by thoroughly stirring the product or products you’ve chosen to make sure you get the best results. 
  • If necessary, blend your products together to get the correct mixture for your project. 
  • Simply brush on your choice of metallic finish until you’re satisfied with how it looks. (You may have to go back and paint the smaller details after everything else.)
  • Allow two hours for the paint to dry, and you’re ready to go! 

DIY makeover for a metal bucket

 A metal bucket is the perfect place to show off some of Fusion’s Metallic paint colors, and this DIYer decided to do just that. This DIY project includes several other paint colors and Fusion products. Most notably, however, it includes Pearl Metallic as one of its final colors – “for a bit of shimmer,” as its creator says. As you can see, the shimmer is definitely there, even after all the other layers of different color tones! 

Fusion’s Metallic collection

Excited about Fusion Mineral Paint Pearl Metallic yet? Then you might enjoy some of Fusion’s other Metallics. As you’ll see in the image above, there are plenty of color variations within the collection: Bronze, Brushed Steel, Champagne, Copper, Pale Gold, and Pearl are the mainstream colors Fusion offers. Currently, there are a few limited edition Metallics as well: Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, and Vintage Gold. Don’t limit yourself to just one color – each one has something different to offer! 

Colors to use with Pearl Metallic

Of course, Pearl Metallic is at its best combined with other colors. Here are some ideas to inspire your design! 

Silver & white

Neutral shades are always gorgeous, but like we said earlier, sometimes a project needs a little extra shine. Silver and white are two color tones that always benefit from a coat of Pearl Metallic. 

Necklace of pearls


Silver tones have a natural shine of their own, but Pearl Metallic takes things a step further with its crisp gleam. If you’ve painted a project in a silver tone, chances are you wanted a little shine in the first place. Used alongside silver, Pearl Metallic will help you get that look.


Always a tried-and-true neutral tone, white projects can still use some extra glow and gloss sometimes as well. Pearl Metallic is the perfect paint to get the job done for a white project and make it a little less plain! 

Pale pink & gold

These two colors add to the gorgeous “pearl” look of Pearl Metallic. 

Boots and roses

Pale pink

Using Pearl Metallic over the palest of pinks is an easy way to bring out the “pearl” in Pearl Metallic. With the combination of the two soft color tones and the subtle glow of Pearl Metallic, your projects will look like pink pearls straight from the sea! 


Like silver, gold has a natural shine of its own, meaning that Pearl Metallic will do wonders by supplementing this color. In addition, gold helps brighten up Pearl Metallic’s pale tone. 

Pastel purple & mint green

Adding more color to Pearl Metallic isn’t a bad idea, and purple and mint green are the right colors for the job. 

Cake with blackberries

Pastel purple

Light purple tones are perfect for a project that’s short, sweet and to the point, but sometimes they can be a little underwhelming. That’s where Pearl Metallic takes over – a light purple project can look both cute and sassy with a coat of Pearl Metallic. 

Mint green

Mint green is often a top pick for vintage color schemes, and right now vintage is in. So, if you’re looking to create a vintage project, remember that a mint green and Pearl Metallic combo is always a good option. Fusion Mineral Paint Lily Pond is an example of a green tone that’s perfect for these types of projects. 

Pearl Metallic is a color to add to your collection today

There are so many ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Pearl Metallic, and all of them are beautiful. If you’re interested in metallic paints, Pearl Metallic isn’t the only option – try out Fusion Mineral Paint Brushed Steel for a silvery metallic look that’ll completely revamp your projects. Or, if you like, try using both of them together! Today’s a good day to try something new. 

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