Spring is a great time to check a few items off your project checklist, and Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence will help you do just that! Fusion’s Picket Fence isn’t just for your garden fences – instead, you can use it for a wide range of projects.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence: a refreshing white for any project

Ever needed just the right shade of white to complete a project? Picket Fence is a brilliant white tone that’ll provide the refreshing neutral elegance you’re looking for. This bright white is great for any project and any room of your home. The question is, how will you use it?

Projects for Fusion’s Picket Fence

Like we mentioned earlier, Picket Fence isn’t just for outdoor fences. Kitchen chairs, nightstands, and desks are only a few of the ways you can use Picket Fence in your home, but we’ve decided to feature those projects here in hopes that it’ll inspire you to try them out.

Breakfast bar chairs

These gorgeous breakfast bar chairs look amazing with a coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence. The worn vintage style of the chairs is a good match for Picket Fence’s perky hue and brings a lively feel to its surroundings, vintage or otherwise. With the endearing “No.1” and “No.2” painted in black on the seats, these chairs are a fabulous craft for a rainy day (or a sunny one, if you want.)

Picket Fence desk

You don’t have to stop with breakfast bar chairs – another good place to use Picket Fence is a desk like this one. The pale green color of the knob adds a little color to the desk: you can use different colors to put color into your design if you choose Picket Fence for a desk or a similar piece.

Neutral nightstand

Everyone needs an adorable nightstand for their bedroom, and Picket Fence is a great way to create a nightstand like the one we’ve featured above. This nightstand has a coat of Picket Fence and a little bit of a metallic bronze color, creating a beautiful combination that’ll look great with any color scheme. It’s a wonderful project to keep you busy and make your home look amazing.

Color combinations for Picket Fence

Because Picket Fence is a neutral color, there are plenty of colors you can use alongside it. However, there are a few that we think are especially beautiful.

Yellow and green

These lively colors bring cheer to Picket Fence’s frosty tone. Both are great ways to add a little color to your projects.

Mustard yellow

A little snap of mustard yellow here and there in a Picket Fence project will brighten it up and bring a little taste of the warmer seasons into your home. This bright color is a good choice for the knobs or trim of a Picket Fence piece.

Leafy green

Another seasonal shade, this dark green is a good color to use in moderation alongside Picket Fence. Additionally, it’s easily used with mustard yellow. Together, the three colors are a beautiful combination.

Red and pink

If you need more than a little color in your project, you can go with colors that are brighter than yellow and green. Red and pink are some great options.

Strawberry red

Bright red tones are some of the best accent colors for a Picket Fence piece. Even if you’re not comfortable using such a bold paint color, you can use a vase of flowers to help brighten up a Picket Fence project.

Bright pink

While bright pink is also a potentially overwhelming paint color, it’s a little less bold than a bright red tone. Therefore, it’s a good choice if red is a little too bright for your preference.

Gray tones

Both light and dark gray tones are great colors to use with Picket Fence: the two neutral colors will balance each other out very well.

Light gray

Light gray is one of the best colors to use with Picket Fence. It’s light enough to compliment a Picket Fence piece without taking away from the beauty of this refreshing white tone. For example, Fusion Mineral Paint Bedford is a light gray that you can use next to Picket Fence.

Dark gray

Like light gray, dark gray is a color that will accentuate Picket Fence’s bright tone without distracting from its beauty.

Picket Fence: a color to use for your white furniture

Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence is a neutral you can use for your white furniture or any other projects and crafts. If you’re looking for a color to use with this bright white, check out Fusion Mineral Paint Pebble, a soft gray that’ll really add to your style. You can turn your furniture projects into graceful, neutral pieces with these two colors!

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