Here’s a middle of the road paint selection between white and beige. Fusion Mineral Paint Plaster delivers a color that’s right between the two hues. While the middle of the road can have negative connotations, this isn’t about morals. This is about color, so don’t you feel guilty. It’s a good kind of compromise!

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A multi-purpose soft color, this sandy color bespeaks of light wood textures or the warm sand on your favorite beach. Take your pick.

As we go along, you’ll see the possibilities carried in this neutral color. It compliments various aesthetics and colors.

Plaster for an exceptional aesthetic

In bringing your home’s aesthetic up a notch, adding furniture painted with Plaster is a good move. This color will bring a sense of balance into your home as it plays well with other colors.

Want to know what we love about Fusion Mineral Paint Plaster? We have good reasons for being big fans.

We’re all about efficiency and practicality without sacrificing quality.

And guess what.

The Fusion Mineral Paint brand delivers.

Fusion Mineral Paint is self-leveling with its milky consistency. The way it’s designed, Fusion Mineral Paint requires minimal prep work and no top coat. That’s quality at its finest.

Different ways to use Plaster

Now let’s talk about application. It’s one thing to gush about a color, but it’s another to do something with it.

You get it, but now what?

This brings us to our inspiration section. Fusion Mineral Paint Plaster is showcased in the following pieces of furniture. We hope you take a look at what’s in store in an effort to find inspiration for your next do-it-yourself project. Furniture can be revived with a fresh coat of paint.

Mission style coffee table

Now, look at this mission style coffee table. While the chunky construction of this table wasn’t a problem, we can’t say that Fusion Mineral Plaster didn’t change that up a bit.

After fixing the water damage on the top surface, the blogger set to work on the painting. The top of the coffee table was stained while the rest was painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Plaster. This warm white brought the furniture piece to life and made the chunky aspect a bit lighter.

“To add some depth,” the blogger said she added Homestead House Espresso furniture wax to the Fusion Mineral finish.

Faux antique shutter armoire makeover

This blogger thought an armoire would be helpful in providing storage space. She found a green armoire for a bargain but it needed a color that would fit her style.

Enter Fusion Mineral Paint Plaster. The paint job gave it a whole new look worthy of the aesthetic she wanted to go for.

Wooden spice rack

In giving the home a new look with Fusion Mineral paint, we often speak of furniture pieces. But that’s not all that it can be used for. Take this wooden spice rack, for example.

Its plain wood surface was given a whole new charming vintage look thanks to Plaster.

Fusion Paint isn’t just for pieces of furniture. As we’ve shown in previous articles, it can also be used in picture frames and kitchen cabinets.

Color palettes using Plaster

In discussing color palettes that use Fusion Mineral Plaster, you’ll find yourself better equipped to pair it up with something that’s just right! Let’s see what we have in store for you.

Golden fields of life

Take a look at this palette inspiration. The warm neutral, that Plaster is, takes center stage here. But it’s not alone. Other neutral creamy and off white colors find their place with this color. The dusty reddish brown, dark brown, and bluish grays also find a home here.

Bird in a beige field

Worn bursts of color

We’re loving the old world vibe that comes in this palette. The colors are bold but they’ve been around for a while. It’s an old world charm, that’s certain. You have an array of blues and greens that pop with Plaster in the background.

Clothespins on a line against a beige background

Minimalist neutrals

For the minimalist in your life, this is to die for. Fusion Mineral Paint Plaster is complemented by other neutral colors and white. It’s simple but effective. Try Fusion Mineral Paint Casement in your palette and be amazed.

Collection of beige shoes on white background

Neutrals can make a splash too

As you can see above, neutrals aren’t boring. They can make their own splash to in their own subtle ways. If you’re looking for a pop of color that contrasts well with your neutral colors, try Fusion Mineral Paint Azure.

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