With so many neutral colors to choose from, what makes Fusion Mineral Paint Putty stand out? We’ve got a few thoughts on what makes this color different.

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A fresh neutral: Fusion Mineral Paint Putty

Somewhere in between off-white and gray, Fusion’s Putty is the ideal neutral for so many projects. It’s a color that works with any style: contemporary, minimalist, vintage, or any look you’ve chosen for your home. The best way to show off Putty’s knack for versatility is to look at how others have used it for their projects and crafts.

Putty project examples

Honestly, this color looks good on any type of furniture, but some projects make Putty an irresistible choice. The pieces we’ll be looking at are great examples and hopefully an inspiration for your own ideas!

Putty nightstand

Not too dark and not too light, this nightstand is a great way to bring neutral shades into a room. Again, it’ll go with any style, meaning that you certainly don’t have to change your home design to center around a Putty piece. This makes it a very convenient color for interior projects and crafts.

Dining room table in Putty

Fusion Mineral Paint Putty can also create a central theme for a room. This table is a great example of what a Putty piece can do for your dining room: it still blends in, but it doesn’t blend in too much. We especially love the idea of a Putty table in a vintage-themed dining room.

A place to relax

This bench is absolutely stunning with a coat of Fusion’s Putty. It’s also a great interior or exterior option. We imagine this bench in a graceful home entryway or a relaxing garden. Wherever you’d like to place this type of project, Putty is definitely high on the list of colors for this one.

Color palettes

Worried about Putty looking a little too washed-out by itself? No need to write it off entirely – there are so many colors you can use with it. Here are some of our favorites.

Neutral combinations

Fusion Mineral Paint Putty is a good color to use if you enjoy neutral-themed projects. With that said, these two colors will let you keep it neutral with your Putty projects.

Acorns in the fall season

Light brown

A little bit of light brown is ideal for adding a natural feel to your Putty projects. Its warm earthiness suggests just a touch of the outdoors, no matter what season it is.

Dark gray

Putty’s gray undertone matches well with a darker gray tone also. With a little brown in the mix, these three colors create a beautiful palette of woodland colors for a natural theme.

Classy blends

Turquoise and black are two good colors to dress up a Putty project a little.

Icebergs melting into a lake


Turquoise is a striking contrast to Putty’s softer tone and brings a vibrant splash of color into your project. A lighter tone of turquoise is the best match for this color, bringing sky and earth tones together into a beautiful design.


Putty and black create a classic pairing that never gets old. While Putty looks good in any form, a little bit of black here and there makes it even more elegant. 

Add some softer colors

Soft pink and green tones are also good choices to use alongside Putty.

Pink tulips


Flowery pink tones bring color into a Putty piece without overwhelming it. This combination would look great in a kid’s room – pick up a few whimsical stencils and some pink paint, and you can create kid-friendly patterns all over Putty furniture in your child’s room.


A seasonal room with a spring or summer theme is a good place to combine Putty with green tones. We think Fusion Mineral Paint Brook is a great way to make this combination happen. It’s a soft, moody green that matches Putty’s unassuming qualities just right.

Let this color take your home design up a notch

Fusion Mineral Paint Putty can take your home from plain to exciting when it’s used in the right context. Combined with a brighter color like Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk Cream, Putty’s neutral warmth will really blow your mind. Give it a try – we think you’re going to love the result!

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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