We love the Lisa Marie Holmes Limited Collection! The colors are gorgeous and we’re delighted that Fusion Mineral thought it was a good idea to collaborate on this wonderful array of rich and sassy color.

In showcasing the Lisa Marie Holmes Collection, we’re shining the spotlight on Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage. This paint sets the mood for any stage you wish to paint with your style. You can own it like no other.

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Fusion’s Sacred Sage is a warm gray that you can leverage in various rooms and ways. 

Sacred Sage is made with thought

As we’ve stated before, the Fusion Mineral line takes pride in quality and zero VOC paints. 

Fusion’s ease of application makes it a must-have when tackling a furniture remodel project. There’s not much prep work required and the way the paint lays on the furniture surface rarely begs a second coat as the coverage is exceptional. 

In the Holmes collection, Sacred Sage is one of five “zen inducing hues.” 

Muted, soft, safe and what a home should be. That’s what you’ll find in Sacred Sage and its sister colors. 

Holmes, a designer and registered herbalism is an HGTV personality from the HGTV show “Holmes and Holmes.”

Fusion is her latest collaboration project that came about after Fusion’s creator, Jennylyn Pringle struggled through and overcame an intense illness in 2018. During that time, Pringle sought Holmes’ help in cultivating good health, leading the two to become friends.

“As friends and entrepreneurs, Lisa Marie and I thought it would be really fun and meaningful to bring together shared passions: design, DIY, and the idea of a healthy home,” said Jennylyn Pringle. “We came up with the idea one afternoon over tea, a ritual we both adore. The collection really highlights Lisa Marie’s expertise in all things wellness and my love of color.”

Different ways to use Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage

Are you pumped about Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage? We are! If you’re not excited yet, take a look at these projects. We think you’ll love the possibilities Sacred Sage has to offer for your place of comfort.

Lightly weathered buffet

Lightly weathered buffet

Lightly weathered buffet via Raggedy Bits

This lightly weathered buffet looks amazing in Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage. Sacred Sage works well with the dark handles on the drawers. As can be seen in this example, the buffet works well against a light colored wall. If you’re into minimalism, you may like seeing how Sacred Sage works with your vibe.

Jewelry box

Now how about a jewelry box? You can take it from drab to fab in a flash with a fresh coat of Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage.

Shabby chic cabinet

Shabby sideboard cabinet

Shabby chic sideboard cabinet via Vinterior

For this cabinet, the top was left with a natural wood finish. It contrasts well with the Sacred Sage paint that was used for the rest of the cabinet. 

Color palettes using Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage

Now it’s time to look at some fun color palettes! We hope they provide some inspiration for your future project.  

Color splash material

For some zing action, incorporate Fusion Mineral Tuscan Orange. Tuscan Orange brings a splash of orangey red brightness to the mood-setting gray surface that is Sacred Sage.

Heirloom tomatoes

The (serene) road less traveled

Say hello to this serene palette! In conjunction with Sacred Sage, we find some greens and yellows that tie in Sage with a creamy off-white.

Scenic view

Rustic, warm charm

Lastly, we have this warm palette. The relaxing gray is at work with cranberry reds, purple hues and creamy blends. This is a great palette for a master bedroom, study room or master bathroom. Bring some wood into the decor for accents and you’re looking at a homely, comfy vibe. 

Guitar decorated with flowers

Find your zen with Sacred Sage

So what do you think? Even if you like things on the bright side, Sacred Sage can provide a good accent color to your bright hue of choice. Mix it up and see some life added to your project and home. 

For another pop of color that pairs well with Fusion Mineral Paint Sacred Sage, try Fusion Mineral Paint Fort York Red. It’s attention-grabbing, that’s for sure. And it may be just the zing you need against such a calm color if you’re in pops and splashes. 

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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