Hello, world. Meet Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside.

Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside, meet world.

This deep coastal blue is an eye pleaser for sure. Just look at that enticing, decadent blue. It beckons to you, doesn’t it?

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And you don’t have to be a lover of all things sea to appreciate it. Whatever your preference — sea or land — this meaningful blue is going to bring in the wow factor.

Stand-alone. Mix it and match it. Mix it with other paints. It doesn’t matter. This blue will make a splash like nobody’s watching, rewarding any flavor of style.

Seaside doesn’t require sea legs

And that’s what we love about Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside. Sure, it’s a nod to life by the sea. But you don’t have to go for that beachy vibe in your decor to let it shine.

In its essence, this blue bespeaks of elegance in its powerful jewel-like hue.

Really. It’s taking blue to a whole new level of impressive stature.

Taking its place in the Penney & Co Collection of Fusion Mineral paints, Seaside means business. A color cultivated by professional decorator and stylist, Michael Penney, you know you have one gem of a blue.

It’s certainly not a color that was thrown together all willy nilly. No, it’s a color from the mind of a professional with an eye for color.

Different ways to use Seaside

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. You have to go from admiring a color (something we could do all day) to bringing it into your home.

So how do you do that? Where do you begin?

Not to worry.

We have some inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. Check out these fun ways others have used Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside in their furniture remodels. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to run with these ideas.

Armoire makeover

An armoire is a thing of beauty in and of itself. How do you make it better? In this example, the armoire carries beautiful ornate carvings.

Let’s just say being impressed is an understatement. But that’s all we have to describe how we feel about the makeover here.

This blogger employed color blending to achieve the pleasant rustic look. In addition to Seaside, she used two more Fusion Mineral paints: Heirloom and Little Whale.

The gold handles contrast well against the blend of blue hues.

Ombre dresser

For a unique project, try your hand at employing the ombre technique for that old dresser you have on hand. What do you have to lose?

This blogger went for a more “free-spirited” approach in applying the ombre technique. But you can be more methodical if you wish!

“Anthropologie-inspired” side table

This intentional “worn” look shines well with Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside. It may take a little prep work up front to make it come to life, but it’s worth the investment of time. Don’t forget to give the knobs and flourishes the treatment they deserve as this do-it-yourself did.

Color palettes using Seaside

Who’s ready for some eye-catching color palettes?

We are, that’s for sure. Let’s see some fun Seaside color inspiration!

Deep as the deep blue sea

We’re loving this rich palette. It’s like decadent chocolate, but without the chocolate. Sounds odd to say, but can you see it? It’s a treat. Pair it with some glimpses of neutral whites or creams and maybe bring in some light browns.

A mountain lake getaway

While some may see a seaside escape, others may think of a mountain lake escapade. Bring Fusion Mineral Seaside along with some dark greens and rich grays. Mix in a little creamy white and you’re all set for adventure.

Strength of the sea

It’s no secret. This isn’t a dainty, airy blue. It comes with strength and dignity. Keep it simple and bring it alongside a white hue so its stark strength can shine.

This could be a great master bedroom or study room vibe.

Decadence in blue

You don’t have to say goodbye. Pick up some Fusion Mineral Paint Seaside today and watch an almost retired piece of furniture find its strength and grace in this deep coastal blue.

Other deep colors can pair well with this rich blue. Take Fusion Mineral Paint Soapstone, for example. If you like Seaside, you’ll definitely like Soapstone.

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


I have been painting and decorating professionally for several years. Paint and design are my stress relievers and my passion. What’s even better is that I get to share my passion with others. Helping people transform their pieces or update their home is a thrill for me! I would encourage others to follow what they love and step out of their comfort zone to live up to their true potential and talent!

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