So, you’ve discovered a project that needs a contemporary neutral look, but also a little personality. This is a great time to add Fusion Mineral Paint Sterling to your craft supply. What is it you’ll love so much about Sterling? Check out our thoughts on this gorgeous color!

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Fusion Mineral Paint Sterling: a cool gray for any project

Sterling is a beautiful gray tone that adjusts to its surroundings and brings a little extra flair to any room of the house. Whether it’s for a vintage piece or a more modern design, you can be sure that this color will catch your eye right away for your projects and crafts!

Ways you can use Sterling

While there’s no set-in-stone rules for using Sterling, we found a few projects painted in this gorgeous gray that we think are worth a try if you’ve got a project waiting for a new coat of paint! Check out what other DIYers are doing with their old dressers, desks, and dish cabinets to see if you’ll enjoy Sterling for your own projects.

Revamp an old dresser

Dressers are such an essential part of everyday life. They provide practical storage space and a way to add some decor to a room. Just like most furniture, though, any dresser will start to show wear eventually. At this point, many people take the opportunity to add some extra style to a dresser by considering a new coat of paint. Fusion Mineral Paint Sterling was the color of choice for the dresser pictured above, and we have to applaud the outcome – this dresser will obviously be a tasteful piece in any part of the home!

A dish cabinet for any type of kitchen

Country, classic, upscale, elegant, high-end – this dish cabinet has a place in any type of kitchen! Personally, we think it would prove to be an essential color addition to any neutral-themed kitchen, but would also provide a striking contrast in a kitchen with a dark theme. Of course, because gray is a versatile neutral, it can ultimately go with any color scheme you like. One way or another, a dish cabinet painted in Sterling is going to give your kitchen a new look.

The desk of your dreams

As you can see in the image above, this desk was more than restored from its worn-out state with a coat of Sterling and some new, colorful knobs, which we think is an inspiring transformation. Admittedly, the range of colors for most desks isn’t wide – most desks fall somewhere between a light to dark wood stain or finish – but if you’re ready to give your desk a new and improved look, Sterling is a wonderful option! If you feel like a Sterling desk needs some color, a few knobs in an accent tone is a great way to achieve that, as you can see.

Color tones to try alongside Sterling

We’ve gathered some colors that will help showcase Sterling’s natural beauty – so, check them out!

Neutrals with a hint of color

To ensure a good match with Sterling, try some neutral colors that have a little color thrown in. Here are some examples:

Turmeric latte with honey

Honey-colored brown

Instead of just plain old brown, highlight a Sterling piece with some golden-brown or honey-colored tones to add some warmth to the project.

Off-white or cream shades

Your choices aren’t limited to white when it comes to finding a dependable neutral to use alongside this color. Cream and off-white shades bring out the color hidden in Sterling’s neutral tone and look great while doing so!

Add some accent colors

The nice thing about Sterling is that it gives you the opportunity to use plenty of different accent colors for a stunning contrast. For example, a dark red shade or an orange-cream tone are great choices for this.

Mixed berries, oranges, rhubarb

Dark red

Any shade of dark red will create a breathtaking contrast when used alongside Sterling. To see how well dark red and Sterling contrast one another, take a look back at the dish cabinet we featured earlier. The roses placed on the cabinet’s top shelf provide a gorgeous splash of color!


Softer than bright orange but not as pale as a lighter orange shade, orange-cream is the perfect middle ground and a unique accent color for your Sterling projects. Use it in moderation, and it’ll highlight a Sterling piece without overwhelming its natural grace.

A darker theme

If you prefer a dark theme with your Sterling projects, check out these colors as well!

Potted succulent

Dark green

A dark green shade will help brighten up Sterling pieces, preventing them from looking dull and colorless.

Pale green

The benefit of using pale green is that you can use however much you like without overpowering your Sterling project. Additionally, it’s a cute combination that’ll create an irresistible project or craft! For example, Fusion Mineral Paint Lichen is a subtly beautiful pale green that’s easily used alongside Sterling.

Fusion Mineral Paint Sterling: a gray tone you’ll enjoy in every room

Fusion Mineral Paint Sterling is everything you want in a color: classy, versatile, and perfect for any project. So, take advantage of this wonderful gray in every part of your home! If you enjoy your experience with Sterling, check out Fusion Mineral Paint Heirloom to add more colors to your Fusion palette. Before you know it, your projects will take on a brand-new color scheme of your choosing!

Sarah Brackenridge

Sarah Brackenridge


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