Fusion Mineral Paint Tuscan Orange is definitely an adventure, but is it an adventure you’re ready to pursue? There’s only one way to find out.

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Fusion Mineral Paint Tuscan Orange: the red-orange color you’ll love

Tuscan Orange is a brilliant red-orange color that’s absolutely gorgeous. If you’re a little unsure about using a color that’s this bright, we get it – Tuscan Orange is a bit startling. But it can’t hurt to at least give it a chance, right? Some of the projects we’ll feature might even inspire you to try out this stunning orange tone. 

Tuscan Orange projects to try 

Red-orange is a surprisingly good color for many projects. For example, Tuscan Orange gave the dresser, stool, and cute Halloween decorations we’re going to look at an undeniable pop of color! Check it out to see if this color is for you. 

Tuscan Orange buffet

This buffet got a big upgrade with Tuscan Orange. While the buffet looks outdated in its original form and bland at best after a coat of white paint, red-orange was clearly an outstanding choice. Tuscan Orange gave this buffet (and its surroundings) a completely new look that’s vibrantly beautiful! 

A revamped porch stool

Like the buffet, this stool started out with an ugly, fading paint job. After its first makeover in a cute blue shade, the owner decided that it needed yet another touch-up – this time with Tuscan Orange. The final product is gorgeous, especially with the extra design on the seat and legs. You can expect a project like this to be a hit anywhere in your home! 

Adorable Halloween decorations

These Halloween decorations are about as cute as it gets! Even better, Fusion Mineral Paint Tuscan Orange is the perfect color to create the little square pumpkins. Its bright orange tone is comparable to the color of a real pumpkin, and it doesn’t get any better than that on Halloween. 

Color combos for a bright color

There are certain challenges that come with using a brighter color, and one of them is finding other colors to go with it. Tuscan Orange is no exception to this rule. However, there’s no need to give up on finding color combos! Plenty of colors look great alongside this rustic orange tone.

Navy blue and dark green

Darker color tones create a beautiful contrast with Tuscan Orange.

Clementine oranges

Navy blue

Tuscan Orange and navy blue create a balanced look for your projects and crafts. Since both colors make quite a bold statement in different ways, it’s important to use them at least somewhat equally throughout your projects. However, a piece that’s mostly Tuscan Orange and a little bit of navy blue is a great idea too.

Dark green

Dark green tones are another good way to balance out Tuscan Orange’s brilliance. If you’re going for a more natural, outdoorsy look, green and Tuscan Orange are perfect for this. Your projects will look like the fresh green leaves and orange flowers of the great outdoors in no time! 

Pink and yellow

These lighter colors are also good matches for Tuscan Orange. 

Bright colors of sunset

Light pink

A great way to show off Tuscan Orange’s brightness and soften it a little is to add some light pink to the mix. This unusual combination is gorgeous and typically creates a warm, soft piece that’s just perfect. 


If you’re looking into making Halloween decor (or just general fall decor), yellow is one of the best colors to use with Tuscan Orange. For example, Fusion Mineral Paint Little Star is a bright yellow that’s cheerful and easily brings fall vibes into your home.

Turquoise blue and white

If you haven’t found the perfect match for your Tuscan Orange piece yet, here are some more ideas to choose from! 

Turquoise blue door

Turquoise blue

A beautiful way to dress up a Tuscan Orange piece or give it an individualized look, turquoise blue is an excellent color for a bright red-orange project. Little bits of turquoise throughout your Tuscan Orange project will give it additional pops of color. 


Looking to make a Tuscan Orange project more professional? White is the way to go. A refreshing white color next to Tuscan Orange makes all the difference in how elegant this bright color appears. 

The bright color tone you need for this Fall: Tuscan Orange

Fusion Mineral Paint Tuscan Orange is definitely an orange tone you need for this fall season. Your projects are about to make a serious statement with this color! If you’re looking for another color tone to help complete your fall crafts, Fusion Mineral Paint Linen will look good alongside Tuscan Orange. Use it wisely, and you’ll have the best fall projects in your whole neighborhood! 

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Sarah Brackenridge


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