Fusion {Starter Pack}


Great Starter Kit for the newbie, professional, or DIYer in your life!

This kit is $99 and a great value!

The starter pack includes:

  • Fusion Mineral Paint - 2 (in-stock) colors of your choosing (please note on your order which colors you'd like) *If color is out of stock, you'll be notified to pick another color. If no colors are selected, you'll be sent 2 in stock paints by random.
  • Fusion Wax (Clear, unless we are out- then we will send what we have in stock)
  • TSP (Cleaner)
  • Paint Pixie Brush - Choose any of our brushes (excluding the wax brush) - otherwise we will send what we have in stock.
  • Prep tools - this includes our pack of (2) Sanding Pads and (2) 4' microfiber rollers

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